Top Of The Mountain Feeling


Facebook reminds me that in 2011 on this very day I was celebrating my graduation. Little did I know of what future had in store for me; but there was less fear and more hope. I was so full of confidence.  I felt like I had conquered it all (I am sure most of us feel the same on our graduation[...]

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I Don’t Give A Fuck !

ShortList 7

Sorry, Im not Sorry ! I don’t give a F**k ! According to the latest stats the average lifespan of a human is 71 years (73.5yrs for females and 68.5yrs for males). Technically speaking I don’t have much time left and the irony is that I have already wasted more than half of my life, that is my[...]

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Simple Key To Success


Last month, we (I mean the new joiners at my current workplace) got an invitation to join our Director and few other business heads for breakfast. The subject line of the invite said “Getting to know each other & Sharing of the success stories”  Oh man, breakfast with the head honchos[...]

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Hold On Tight To The Wagon !

Off the Wagon

I bet you didn't expect yet another return from the dead, and that too on a Monday night ! Oh well, when it comes to me - always expect the unexpected !  As you may recall, I have started my exciting new job. I am so much in love with it that I just can’t bloody leave my desk ! ! ! Reading[...]

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Baribà, Battersea ! A Happy Place !


Hello Superstars, Your Miss Happy Girl, the rise above her life circumstances girl had a bit of a rough start this morning, after having a small row at home, I stormed out (with my laptop off course) for some fresh air. Not the best thing to do, I know! but hey, everyone has those days, so stop[...]

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